About Fearless Alice

Fearless Alice is the brainchild of Niamh Bryan. Tired with the mass-produced, identikit clothing available on the high street, Niamh wanted a way to stand out from the crowd, but when it came to finding unique pieces of custom clothing she realised that individuality came with a price-tag. So from a very young age Niamh began customising her own clothing.

Impressed with the intricacy, style and beauty of the pieces she wore, Niamh’s family and friends would regularly enquire where they may also purchase similar items without breaking the bank…and so Fearless Alice was born.

Fearless Alice Custom Clothing
Stand out from the crowd with custom clothing. Be bold. Own your style!
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What do you do?

Fearless Alice creates unique, hand-crafted custom clothing; accessories; and more, for women. Because we don’t mass produce and everything is handmade, you can guarantee you will stand out from the crowd in our unique pieces!

Want to know more about our custom clothing?

Get in touch with us via social media, or contact us via the website to find out more about what we do here at Fearless Alice.

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